[WANT] Trio Tech G203A bubble tester

[WANT] Disco DFL 7161 laser grooving

[SALE] 躍澐 Taichi 306A 4” bonder

[SALE] Credence SC312 tester

[SALE] 訊利 L5710 tester

[SALE] TSK A-PM-90A prober

[SALE] Disco DAD341 saw

[SALE] Disco DAD 321 saw

[SALE] Plasma Etch PE-200 etching

[SALE] Orbital OS701 developer shaker

[SALE] Olympus STB1 microscope

[SALE] OHAUS AV1401 electronic scale

[SALE] Mitutoyo FS110 microscope

[SALE] Lapmaster 36 polish

[SALE] Engis Fl-24V lapping polishing

[SALE] Dektak 3ST auto1 surface profiler

[SALE] Crest 2800DA Ultrasonic Cleaner

[SALE] CEE 200FX Spin Coater

[SALE] GPTC 弘塑 PI PBO stripper

[SALE] KLA Tencor HRP-P350 profile meter

[SALE] Brooks MTX40 sorter

[SALE] ASSI SV300 12 吋清洗旋乾機

[SALE] Danti CW-100 edge beam remo 晶圓洗

[SALE] Blue-M CC09C-P-E-HP oven

[SALE] GST GFC-1310A flux cleaner

[SALE] Yamato YB-ATT-0020 oven

[SALE] Fein Focus FXS-160.40 X ray

[SALE] Cohu Summit ATC handler

[SALE] Advantest T6575 tester

[SALE] Advantest T6672 tester

[SALE] Allring 萬潤 RK-TL6000 tray to boa

[SALE] Landrex Optima 7300 AOI

[SALE] ASM COE-139 snap cure

[SALE] TSK 5000A saw

[SALE] 碁達 ICT-1000 油墨蓋印機

[WANT] 德律 3D AOI

[WANT] DEK HORIZON Api X printer


[SALE] 德律 TR7100 AOI

[SALE] DEK HOZ-02i printer

[SALE] 德律 TR7007LL SII 錫膏檢測機

[SALE] Heller 1936MK5 迴焊爐

[SALE] Panasonic NPM-W 打件機

[SALE] 德律 TR7007L SII Plus 錫膏檢測機

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