BESI / Datacon CS-1250 die sorter for sal

Lintec RAD-3500 F/8 tapping for sale

Mühlbauer DS-8000 die sorter for sale

Mühlbauer DS-10000 die sorter for sale

Nexx Stratus S300 FX 12" Cu/Ni/Au plater for

Nikon OST 3100 12" Microscope for sale

Rudolph NSX 105 defect inspection system for s

FOI Rydeen10000 wafer descum for sale

Agilent 5DX 5000 / 5400 X-ray for sale

March Flex Trak plasma cleaner for sale

Hontech HT8040 handler for sale

Pulsa VSA 1000 vacuum seal for sale

EO LMC-3200 grooving and dicing for sale

Yoshida TSL-60S thermal shock for sale

UTI A2-162 Curve tracer for sale

Robson 625F Multitrace system for sale

Hitachi M1-120 Scanning acoustic tomagraph for

Hitachi S-3000N CD SEM for sale

ULVAC SV-9040 sputter for sale

Want Axcelis / Eaton NV-GSD-200E implanter

Want Hitachi S-8820 CD SEM

Want Oxford 133-ICP 380 etcher

Want Verigy 93000 PortScale RF tester

EG 5300 propber for sale

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